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Medium dog breeds are popular breeds around the globe. Although there are lots of varieties of dog breeds which are characterized differently. The process of categorizing dog breed follows a type of function which a breed was developed from. The functions include companion, working, hunting, guard and herding dogs. Most Dogs’ breeds are known to have perfect companionship with man. They may be traditional listed, rare breeds which will have a given registries and new breeds which are still in the process of development. Medium, large and small breeds form categories of dog breeds

The process of selecting an excellent dog breed for your family requires excellent decision making. With lot of varieties of dog breeds, you need to conduct a comprehensive research in order to land on an awesome next member of your family. You need an awesome pet not a type that will by banned by the government in the nearby future due to risk issues associated with the breed. Who knows may be the next of keen who will inherit your heirloom property.

Choosing medium dog breeds
Medium dog breeds have weight between 11- 25 kg. Bull terriers, beagles, chowchows are a few example of small-medium sized dogs. The breeds have lot of advantages when compared to the large and small sized breed. When choosing a medium dog breed, you need to consider the maintenance cost. You need not to spend all your heirloom property on dog maintenance. With a larger variety of medium dog breeds like the Australian, English shepherd, basset hound among many others, you need to choose  a type  that has little maintenance cost in terms of trimming ,grooming and being clean.

Beside maintenance cost, nutritional requirement is another factor to consider while purchasing medium dog breeds. While choosing medium dog breeds based on nutritional component, you need to consider a type that is subjected to a particular diet not a type that feeds on almost everything. The advantage of choosing a particular type of small dog breed that feeds on a specific type of nutrition is that the cost of keeping the dog healthy will be low. With proper nutrition, regular vaccination visits will be minimized   which a good economic maintenance strategy.

With lots of varieties of medium dog breeds, the level of activity will be a good indicator while choosing small medium dog breeds. A point to consider is that the level of activity for the different breeds will not be the same. Dogs will be more active during their youthful age and the level of activity will reduce with an increase in age. The first sight impression will be a good indicator of the type of medium dog breed you can choose from.

Medium dog breeds food and care
Maintaining healthy nutrition and healthcare in medium dog breeds requires excellent control of starch ingestion. With the knowledge of breakdown of carbohydrate to provide blood sugar, a proper health care will require a reduction in starch ingestion. Excessive intake of starch has a negative influence on a dog blood sugar and glucose level. In the long run, it may lead to obesity, diabetes and it will increase the aging dog rate. An excellent health care tip will require banking on diet rich in sorghum and barley as they have the responsibility of the reduction of blood sugar in the medium dog meal. While feeding medium sized dogs, it will be a good contingency plan to feed the appropriate amount and then monitor the dog’s weight. With the sliding of ones hands over your pet body, you can monitor the rate of weight intake. Generally, you should be in a good position to feel the dog ribs with ease and it will be an indicator that the dog is not overweight.

Dry dog food provides medium dog breeds with carbohydrates, fat and calories. The ability of dry food to last for a long period of time and their affordable nature makes more people to shop for different brands of dry foods and not wet foods. The Examples of dry dog food include Arden gradge, orijen, and wolf of wilderness among many other brands.  Beside the dry food, wet and canned food acts a supplement to dry food. Example of wet food brands include Arden grange, Applaaws, burns among many other brands.

Medium dog breeds supplies
Most medium dog food supplies are purchased from local pet stores or through the conduction of an online search. A recent trend has been the banking of online sites for supplies instead of the local food stores. Medium dog food supplies in the form of dog bones, special shampoos, collars, water containers and even special vitamins can be easily purchased from trusted sites at ease without the crowding effect on local stores.

Medium dog breeds for kids and families
There are a variety of medium dog breeds that have a good companion with kids and families. The aspect of medium dog being excellent and working tiresome hard makes them a suitable choice for families. In choosing medium dog breeds for families, you need to consider medium dogs that are sturdy, patient and resilient. Family dogs should be energetic intelligent and friendly. Brittany, bulldog, Chinese shar-pei are examples of medium dog breeds that are excellent companion for kids and families.

Advantages of medium dog breeds
They can be easily used as apartment dogs due to their adaptable nature to different circumstances. With the wide range of choices from which to choose from, one can be sure to land on a type that is more active. They also make excellent family companion and their rate of injury while playing with children is minimal.

Medium dog breeds potty training
You should first condition your medium dog breed   to ease itself at a given spot. An ideal location should be outside your house at a particular spot. A good idea will be the use of polite language and given specific commands. Avoid shouting at your dog while giving commands since it will be of no help and will not discourage the negative behavior. Treating medium dog breeds with love and patient will be a good plan for potty training.

Disadvantages of medium dog breeds
The cost of feeding and veterinary care is higher. You will also be required to subject the dogs to more exercise which will be costly especially if you have a tight day schedule.  With medium dog breeds, expect to a spend more on purchasing medium sized toys.

With the analysation of the pros and cons of medium dog breeds, you are now in the medium dog breed world. I Am 100{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe} sure that you will choose a medium dog breed according to your requirements and offer good care to the specific breed

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