Proper Dog nutrition ensures a healthy state of your dog. In the medieval periods, there was bad dog feeding habits. Most dog owners had the notion that 100{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe} dog meat feeding was the only requirement for a healthy dog status. With revolution, dog manufacturers carefully select healthy dog ingredient for proper nutrition. They offer a range of food options.  The new member of your family requires excellent care with favorite types of food that marry with his/her digestive system.

Dog nutrition encompasses the supply of food rich in carbohydrate, fats, proteins, and vitamins. The supply of the essentials will depend on whether the dog is a small or medium sized breed. For proper dog nutrition, you should avoid feeding your dog with avocados, raw fish, chocolate, bread dough and alcohol.

Dog diets
Feeding your dog with awesome food is a starting healthy dog diet tip. Provide your dog with clean drinking water to avoid any chances of your favorite buddy falling ill within a few hours. A well-balanced diet rich in food groups will be vital. Your dog should be fed from all the vital food groups. Feed your dog with proteins. With the feeding of your dog with vegetable protein, your dog will have hard digestion tasks. Animal proteins are the best.

The exact quantity of protein intake by dogs should be at least 18{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe}. A point to note is that excessive intake of proteins will lead to hyperactivity. With fat intake, your dog will be kept warm and healthy. Besides proteins, feed your dog with vitamins. The exact vitamin dosage will depend on your veterinary instructions. Excellent dog diet will require dog water intake.

Water helps in softening of the dry food. A recommendation by most veterinary officers is that for proper dog nutrition, every pound of dry food, your dog must drink a quart of water. Good diets will require you to feed your dog twice a day. The quantity of food per every meal will be based on the recommendation as on food package. A point to note is that the quantity of food for toy, small, medium and large dog will greatly vary.

Analysis of dog foods
Food Ingredients forms the basis of analyzing dog food. The ingredients are used to give a real picture of the difference between different types of food. With ingredient analysis, one will be able to determine the difference or lack in carbohydrate in the dog food among many other food groups.

The assessment of the ingredients on the food labels takes the deciphering principle and shows the method of choosing the top dog food. In analyzation process, it will be a good idea to compare the dog food level based on the AAFCO principle. Take a keen look on the moisture and protein content, probiotics, chelated minerals and whether the dog food contains organic dog food, human dog food ingredients.

Organic dog food
Most organic dog foods are labeled on 100{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe} organic. To certify the previous statement, you need to put into account the following factors. First, ascertain if the dog food brand has 95-99{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe} of organic ingredients. Most dog food good brands will contain the ingredients percentage on the dog food labels but some dog foods brand will state (organic) on their label. Expect to find the main ingredients on the ingredients list.

The benefits of organic dog food are something to smile about. Firstly, they contain no fillers food, zero potentially toxic ingredients, zero artificial colors and no genetically modified microorganism. Examples of organic dog food include organic, PetSmart dog food, grain free dog food.

High protein dog food
A Higher level of protein in active dogs promote strength and endurance. Intake of proteins in dogs has advantages and disadvantages. Dogs with medical conditions are highly disadvantaged with higher protein intake. The dogs may end up being obese in the long run.

While choosing high protein dog foods, you need to choose a type that is easily digestible and usable. Protein from real meat is a suitable choice. Check to ensure the level of protein in the dog food is per the veterinary requirement. It will be a good plan to consider other nutrients group in the protein food to act a supplement for nutrients. Examples of high protein dog food include Wysong pigeon, Evo, and solid gold.

Best dry dog food
With a wide variety of dry dog food in the market, the following tips will be of great help in landing the best dry dog food. Have in mind that there is no correlation between price and quality in the purchase of dry dog foods.

Don’t be duped to purchase expensive dry dog food in the name of quality. Determine the quality of ingredients in the dry dog food and not titles like premium package and choice. The term may be used by the manufacturer yet the quality of the dry dog food is quite low. Supply of dry dog food may be purchased from online shops or local pet shops.  Examples of dry dog food include Kibble, Acana, blue, brothers complete and dehydrated dog foods.

Low-fat dog food
Low-fat dog foods benefit dogs with obesity and pancreatitis conditions. It possesses a great problem to land on a perfect low-fat dog food. In order to select the best low-fat dog food, you need to choose a dog food whose fat content is below average and has a rating of four stars. Examples of low-fat dog foods found in the market include Acana light and feed, Addiction canned dog food and honest kitchen zeal.

Dog obesity Dog obesity
Over nourished dogs which lack the ability to exercise tend to be obese in the long run. Body areas affected by obesity condition include bones, joints and digestive organs.  Several symptoms that will determine obesity in your dog include excessive weight gain, fat and the inability to exercise. To diagnose if your dog is obese, you need to move your hands gently on your dog’s body. In absence of obese condition, you should be able to feel the dog’s ribs with ease.

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