Large Dog Breeds

Choosing a large dog breeds is a great decision that will require care and attention. Large dog breeds are well known to form loving companionship with human beings. The large dog breeds require special attention just as small & medium dog breeds. Most large dog breeds have a growth weight of up to 250 pounds and a height 30 inches tall. There large size calls for a larger habitation space. There have different characteristics. Some of the large dog breeds are gentle and they can be left with kids while others forms agents of greater danger to human beings

Choosing of large dog breeds
There are lots of factors that have to be considered when choosing a large dog breed. Appearance of the dog in most times is an important factor which most people consider when selecting large dogs breeds. In fact it is scientifically proven that most people choose dog breeds which resembles them. It’s quite okay but you need to also consider your actual requirement.

If you are looking for a loyal companion, Family friend dog or a sporty high energy dog, you need to choose a large dog breed that will meet your requirement. Make sure the large dog breed you choose compacts easily with children since little kids will require supervision when playing with the dogs. Your family lifestyle, personality, energy levels, budget and time availability are some of the factors that need to be considered when choosing large dog breeds.

Caring for your large dog breeds
With a particular type of large dog breed, excellent care for your large dog breed will be a greater determinant of the time duration that you will spend with your excellent buddy. The following tips will be of great help in taking care of your large dog breed.

  • It will be a good idea to keep a recent photo of your dog. The photo can be used to trace your dog in case it gets lost while on a walk or vacation.
  • It will be a good idea to give your dog a rawhide other than meat bones. The disadvantage of feeding your dog with meat bones is that the bones can chip and splinter and can greatly harm your dog.
  • Always provide your dog with shelter. A dog house will be appropriate in cold temperature areas. Excellent shelter for your dog will reduce the chances of your dog getting ill. Walking with your dog on the leash is another dog caring tip.

Large dog breeds supplies
Most large dog breed supplies come along with a premium package. The cost of purchasing larger dog breeds supplies is higher when compared to small and medium dog breeds. The purchase of larger leads, collars, beds and food requires a great deal of investment. The one million dollar question is the avenue as to where to find the right large dog breeds supplies. The exact price to be paid for the supplies possesses a problem too.

Larger breed’s supplies can be purchased from local pet stores and on online shops. A good saving plan will be the purchase of the supplies in bulk in order to land of on discounts.  To benefit on these buy discounts, locate shop that offer free delivery on a particular quantity of purchase. On an online platform, it will be a good plan to locate and shop from shops that sell their commodities at affordable prices. Be smart enough when shopping on an online platform. Find legitimate shops based on previous customer review.

Large dog breeds advantages
Large dog breeds have many advantages provided that you have adequate space for their accommodation.  Most large dog breeds are flexible and they can adapt on both suburban and country living. With Correct Temperament training large dogs breed form excellent guard, watch and apartment dogs.

They make good family dogs. Popular breeds like the Labrador and golden retriever are known to be excellent buddies to children. They have even temperaments besides being good protective agents of their families. Large dog breeds respond quickly to instruction and thus they are easy to train. They eagerness to please and enjoy learning make them to respond quickly to instructions.

Large dog breeds disadvantages
There are disadvantages of living with a large dog too. Firstly, the maintenance costs of the dogs are expensive. Large dog breeds food costs are quite expensive. The dogs require much veterinary care   and the cost of even purchasing the large dog breed is much more than a puppy or a small dog breed.

Large dog breeds transportation costs are quite expensive. The cost of flying with a large dog is quite expensive than flying with an in cabin pet. Large dog breeds are also not welcomed in hotels due to their large weight and the allergic nature of some people to large dogs.

Large dog breeds have a shorter lifespan when compared to small dog breeds. The lifespan of a large dog breed depends on the breed and health status. For more lifespan information check the health and lifespan for each breed . Large dogs are also known to have chewing problems just a small dog. Sporting breeds and retrievers are well known for petty behavioral problems

Best large dog breeds for families with small children
Large dogs form perfect playmates for children. It’s like a basic need for every kid to demand for a dog. It’s a special feeling for them to have different kind of playmates other than children. Thus the large dog’s chosen should be a type that won’t fight or boss around their friends.

PoodleBernese mountain dog, Labrador & golden retriever, Airedale, Mastiff collies, Shetland sheep dog are examples of large dog breeds that are perfect buddies with children

The large dog breeds should be subjected to training. At extremes situations, they scan cause damage to children. Parent should dedicate a bit of their time and watch the large dogs play around their children. Contingency plans should be develop to remedy any form of accidents.

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