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Baby pigeons other name squabs, pigeon baby normally takes 24 hours for pecking and wiggling their way out of their egg.  The baby pigeon’s coming out from egg and completes their growth process  naturally, until their eyes opens our any interference can cost them their life.

Baby pigeons demand a huge amount of high quality taking care, if somehow they are disowned from natural mother, they need extra attention, supplies and heat. You don’t have to worry to feeding the tiny baby pigeons after they passes the first day of their life.  Temperature is very important part for their life because most of the baby pigeon’s death case highly temperature related, without warmth, the body loses too much energy and they simply can’t recover it.

Pigeon Egg Hatching
Pigeon Egg Hatching

Female pigeon laid two eggs every months. Both male and female pigeons taking care egg properly and give right amount of heat to the egg that pigeon eggs can hatch properly. To heat the eggs female pigeon sits on egg from late afternoon through the night until about 10 AM and after that the male pigeon takes the duty and does the day shift until female is ready for take her shift. Pigeon egg incubation period is 17 to 19 days. When incubation time is complete and baby pigeon is ready to come out they break the egg and step in this world to discover the beauty of earth.

Watch a marvelous video i am place bellow “How Pigeon Egg Hatching”

When baby pigeons open their eyes?

Baby pigeon’s eyes remain closed first several days this time squab remains comparatively quiet in the nest.  Some baby pigeon open their eyes between the 2nd to 4th day after hatching even some time it can take 5 days since they hatch. Once the eyes open they start to move inside nest. The nest doesn’t limit their movement but protects the babies from spill out from nest accidentally.

Why we don’t see pigeon babies?

Pigeon baby remain quiet in nest until they open their eyes and wait for to grow there fledged. Without fledged they cannot make heat themselves and control heat. When they have strong arms and feather then they step out from nest and discover the world and also we discover new young pigeons.

It’s sad but truth some pigeon baby’s life ends before its start. Sometimes they fall out from the nest and while they are squab and blind they cannot move, run or find food for live, also they cannot protract themselves from hunting animals like cat, dogs or other meat eater animals.

How a pigeon baby looks like?

I love pigeons and all the time I take pigeon’s baby in my hand while I know maybe it will be a little harmful form them but still I like it a lot. They look so cute and sweet to my eyes but I read some quotes in online about baby pigeons it’s really funny. Below I am writing those quotes and some placing some photos too.

“I once saw one that fell out of its nest during heavy winds and an uglier monstrosity you will never see.” _Chris Steele, Linton, England

“You never see baby pigeons as pigeons are a myth and they are in fact all just ugly ducklings” _calum lewis, york yorkshire

Baby pigeons Feeding

“Never give baby pigeons dairy milk, they can’t digest it also please don’t feed them worms either”

Baby pigeons depend on “pigeon milk”.  The feeding process is very simple; baby pigeon put his beak inside their parent’s mouth and the parent pump crop milk / pigeon milk into the baby’s mouth. This pigeon milk is not the dairy milk. After hatch pigeon baby need very thin food and the consistency will be as like skimmed milk.  First 10 days of their life they eat this pigeon milk.

How to feed baby pigeons?

Surfing online I found some of baby bird feeding formula and one name I can recommend to you,  “Kaytee Exact Hand Rearing Feeding Formula”  go to Google and dig it by name, you will find out where to buy this feed. Below I am placing a video, how to make baby pigeon’s feed at home and feed baby pigeons

How to secure baby pigeons?

If you have pigeon in your home or you want to make pigeons as your pet then you have to make a good pigeon house or nest. There are many kind of pigeon nest are exist. In city life it’s a bit hard to make pigeon as your pet but very much possible and many people raring pigeon at their any corner of home or on the roof placing a case.

In village and country side there have enough open spaces that’s why it’s much more easy to have pigeon as case free but still they need good pigeon house or nest that they can live there comfortably and lay their egg securely and hatch them properly.  Case free pigeons can fly as much they want and also the collect their food by themselves.  So to secure pigeon baby you must make a strong pigeon house or nest and it has to be reach out of any hunting animals.

When do baby pigeons learn to fly?

A Pigeon baby is fully fledged around 35 days but at the age of 28 days they will begin flapping their wings to practice how to fly.  From days 28 to days 35 they keep continue their practice. At the age of 35 days (five weeks) they’ll be able to take off and fly very short distances. A pigeon baby flies like an adult when they are six weeks old (42 days old).

When do baby pigeons leave the nest?

Usually Young pigeons leave the nest or fledge approximately 30 days after hatching. But at the age of days 28 – days 35 they fly very short distance. But when they are 42 days old they leave nest and make new nest to make their future generations.  When pigeon age become around six months they become properly adult and ready for laid their first egg and hatch a new pair of beautiful pigeon.

Do you know how many types of pigeons are exist all over the world?

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