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The variety of domestic pigeons called by the name of Homing pigeons, they are evolved from rock pigeons. The wild rock pigeon has an inborn ability to living domestically; generally they have a nature return to its nest and mate. Some special breeds even go as far as 1800 km away from home and return safely to their home or nest.

The domestic pigeons or homing pigeons are living with human as a pet since ancient time.  Several decades’ earlier pigeons were used to carry messages from one place to another and it’s possible because they have an inborn ability to find their way home. If you look in history, you will know that, early as 1150 in Baghdad pigeons were used as Messenger. Tipu Sultan also used carrier pigeons; they have still pigeon holes at the mosque’s minarets in Srirangapatna.  Even Homing pigeons were still employed in the 21st century by certain remote police departments in Odisha state in eastern India to provide emergency communication services following natural disasters.

Homing pigeon breeds
Around the world there are more than 720 types pigeons exist and all of them are homing pigeons.  The most 20 wonderful bizarre pigeons list is here; African owl pigeon, Barb pigeon, Birmingham Roller pigeon, Brunner pouter pigeon, Budapest highflyer pigeon, Capuchin red pigeon, Carneau pigeon, English carrier pigeon, English pouter pigeon, English short-faced tumbler, English trumpeter pigeon, Frillback pigeon, German helmet pigeon, German Modena pigeon, Ice pigeon, Nun pigeon, Oriental frill pigeon, Pigmy pouter pigeon, Polish helmet pigeon, Saxon fairy swallow pigeon.

Where to buy home pigeons?
Pigeon is one of the lovely bird and many people buying and raising pigeons in home as a pet that’s why it’s very easy to collect pigeons.  Collecting a special pigeon breed can be little bit harder and cost you a lot. Buying pigeons from local market is much easier than online. Local bird shop is a good supplier and also you can collect pigeons from local pigeon farm. In local bird shop or pigeon farm you can order for any special breed, if they don’t have that breed they collect it from other places. Buying pigeon from online it’s depending on country where you live.  You can easily find those addresses by Google search.  Also below I am placing some good branded online homing pigeon for sale address.

After collection new pigeons what to do?
Your collected pigeons are very new to your environment and unknown at all other pets and humans living in your home. So your first job is give them space, enough time for rest and relax. If you have other pigeon in your home do not put new pigeons with others immediately. You don’t know your new pigeons have any disease or not so keep them separate and far place from your old birds. Better to keep them inside a case with a good conditional environment. Keep eye on new pigeons, feed them more often and give them plenty of fresh water. After finish seven or more days of inquiry, if new birds health condition is perfect then put them with other birds.  If you are raising pigeon case free then a special technique required to make new pigeons accept their new nest. I am sharing the technique what I use for new pigeons. First few days I keep them inside a comfortable case to check they are healthy or not.  After check up complete, I take them out and I tie-up few wing feather that they can fly but cannot run away from home.  New pigeon need 5-7 days to accept new home or nest then I open their wing and let them fly and live free.  [Please keep away your pigeon’s from any hunting animals].

How to make pigeon coop or nest?
Pigeon need a comfortable place to live. Pigeon nest need good ventilation. Without sun and fresh air the baby pigeons can get different diseases. In my opinion, I don’t like to keep any animals or pet inside a small case or box. In the city it’s almost impossible raising pigeon case free but please makes for them a comfortable and safe place.   Below I am placing few types of coops picture, it will give you an idea,[table id=6 /]

Keeping homing pigeons advantage
Pigeons are most wonderful colorful domesticated bird. Just sit front of them, play or watch pigeons, it will give you peace. Since ancient time humans are keeping   pigeons in home as a pet. Most of the time its hobby but some places it’s became a profitable business. From one pair of adult pigeon’s couple you can get 12 pairs pigeon end of the year. Almost every month they lay 2 eggs and hatch them and raising their babies. When babies are 35-43 days they leave nest to make their new nest. Around 6 months later baby pigeons become complete adult and make their new babies. This reason from very few pairs of pigeons you can get lots pigeon’s pairs within two years.  Starting your own pigeon farm, you need very small amount of money and a dry, comfortable and safe place to raising your pigeons. If you care them properly and feed them in right time your farm will grow big in short period of time. Pigeon details post is very much recommended for you.

Homing pigeons breeding season and mating time
The breeding season of pigeons is almost all the year but the winter months their breed seems to slowing down. Normally pigeon’s are live12 to 15 years. Pigeons are monogamous; they mate in pairs and living together for life time. If one bird get death or separated from one to another then they mate with another single. If mating pairs both male and female are healthy then they keep continue laying the eggs and make new generations.

Pigeon Mix Food
Pigeon Mix Food

Home pigeon Food
Pigeons food management and food ingredients is very important for them. You can buy ready food from local store or from online. Even if you want, you can make pigeon mix food at home by using all ingredients. Pigeons mostly like to eat, wheat, pea, maize, mustard, barley, rice, rice, pulse etc grains

Training homing pigeons
Training homing pigeons and win the trophy is a combination of different steps. To train and get very good result from your pigeons; you should collect highest quality birds that you can afford.  If you buy pigeons for specific purposes to use them like a racer or ‘show-competition’ winner then it is better to have higher quality pigeons than the number of pigeon’s pair.

Racing pigeon’s performance depends on your pigeon buying decision like, the special type of breed, original breed, ancestors racing performance etc.  When it goes about the show pigeon’s performance then it depends on the cool looking pigeons, original breeds, colors, body shape, feather style and your pigeons have to fulfill the specific motive of competition.

Homing pigeon identification
Domestic pigeons have identifiable leg band. This band is registered with one of National Pigeon Organization. If you have a pigeon and you want to record in homing pigeon registry book then contact nearest National Pigeon Organization. No band on pigeon’s leg, it’s usually considered as this pigeon is not registered with any pigeon organization.  If you find any missing homing pigeons then you should contact your local humane society and let them know the full identification number. It’s very easy to read plastic or metal band. The letters on the band tells you pigeon breeds origin. If the band number is “NPA 7 07 AT 1089” then The ( NPA ) means it originated from the National Pigeon Association, The (7) is the band size, The (07) is the year the pigeon was born, The (AT) is the band alphabetical sequence, The (1089) is a unique serial number for identifying that individual bird.

Below I am placing the contact information for various organizations that provide pigeon leg bands

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