Types of Pigeons

All over the world there are almost 723 types of pigeons are exist. some Species are very common and available almost everywhere but some of is very illusive to find out. Every types of pigeons are different than other, different color, different size and different shape.

The good news is, if you able to make a good environment for a pigeon couple they will be very happy to live with a as a lovely pet bird. The most available types of pigeons breed are raised domestically as a purpose of sport, hobby and food.

Those types of pigeons are raised by domestically for food, they are not very expensive and they look very common. you can easily buy from your local market. Even some places pigeon meat is much cheaper than other chicken or duck meat. Pigeon meat is very tasty and healthy. Domestically raised pigeons can be a variety of colors, but are commonly blue or white. Some places pigeon used as wedding and event “doves,”

Racing Pigeon
Racing Pigeon

Sports Pigeons

For hobby and sports purpose raised pigeons are beautiful and charming in some cases they are very expensive too. Specially the racing pigeons are most popular all over the world. Racing pigeons are brawny and strong flyers with powerful homing instincts. They are trained very well to return their lofts after a racing event.

Fancy Pigeon
Fancy Pigeon

Fancy pigeons

Fancy pigeons are specialized breeds, Some hobbyists make show their fancy pigeon competitions that are similar to dog or other pet animal shows. Usually pigeon lover’s keeps their pigeons as personal pets. There are many kinds of fancy pigeons including breeds like Pouters, Tumblers, Owls etc.


Feral Rock Pigeons
Feral Rock Pigeons

Feral Rock Pigeons

In the most countries and big cities you’ll find different types of feral Rock Pigeons. they are mostly the common blue variety of pigeons. Feral pigeons are well adapted to cities, suburbs and rural areas. In the countryside, they often perch in barns or around bridges and natural cliff areas. Sometimes feral pigeons cross-breed with domestic pigeons, that’s why the color and plumage variations down through generations.

Band-tailed Pigeons
Band-tailed Pigeons

Band-tailed Pigeons

Band-tailed Pigeons are one of the most common wild pigeon. They are native to North America and the Pacific Coast. these pigeons have a long, gray banded tail and also a white band and iridescent patch at the nape of the neck. Band-tailed Pigeons are 14 to 18 inches long with a bright yellow beak and feet.


The Table Below Showcases All Types of Pigeons Breed

Aachen Cropper German Colourtail Owl Rawson Short Face Tumbler
Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl German Double Crested Trumpeter Razgrad Roller
 Aargau Peak Crested German Forktail Trumpeter Refilador Tumbler
 Abu Abse-Dewlap German Long-Faced Tumbler Regensburg Tumbler
African Owl German Modena Reinaugen Tumbler
 Agaran Pigeon German Nun Renaisien
Alpine Swift German Shield Owl Revellois
Alsace Cropper German Show Tippler  →Tippler Reversewing Colour Pigeon
 Altenburg Trumpeter Ghent Cropper Reversewing Pouter
American Bohemian Pouter Ghent Owl Rhine Ringbeater
American Flying Baldhead Giant American Crest Ribbon Tail Tumbler
 American Flying Flight Giant Homer Riga Tumbler
 American Flying Tumbler Giant Mallorquina Runt Roller Pigeons, a breed group
 American Giant Homer Giant Show Runt Romagnol (pigeon)
American Giant Tumbler Gier Romanian Argintiu Tumbler
American Giant Runt Gimpel Romanian Barred Highflyer
American Modern Flight Goeteborg Tumbler Romanian Beard
American Roller Gola Romanian Black-Cherry Tumbler
American Show Racer Gorguero Cropper Romanian Blind Tumbler
American Strasser Granadino Pouter Romanian Blue Barred Whitetail
Amsterdam Beard Tumbler Griwuni Tumbler Romanian cherry-coloured Highflyer
Anatolian Owl Groninger Slenke Romanian Coffee-Colored Tumbler
Anatolian Ringbeater Gumbinnen Whitehead Tumbler Romanian Gagiu
Ancient Tumbler Romanian Magpie Tumbler
Apatin Tumbler Hague Highflyer Romanian Moriscar Roller
Antwerp Pigeon Hamburg Helmet Romanian Naked-Neck Tumbler
Antwerp Smerle Hamburg Schimmel Romanian Silvery Tumbler
Apatin Tumbler Hamburg Sticken Romanian Orbetean Tumbler
Arabian Trumpeter Hamburg Tumbler Romanian Tshoong Tumbler
Arad Barred Highflyer Hamedan Highflyer Saxon Romanian White Tail Tumbler
Arad Tumbler Hana Pouter Romanian Satu-Mare Tumbler
Archangel Hannover Tumbler Roshan Chirag
Archangel White Trjasuni Harzburg Trumpeter Rostock Tumbler
Argovien White Tail Haskow Colourhead Tumbler Rostov Tumbler
Armenian Tumbler Helmet Pigeons, a group of pigeon breeds Roubaisien
Asiatic Crack Tumbler Hessian Pouter Royal Snow Tumbler
Australian Performing Tumbler Hindi Fantail Runt
Australian Saddleback Tumbler Hódmezövásárhelyer Show Crest Tumbler Russe Blue Tumbler
Austrian Fis(c)her Pigeon Hollander (pigeon) Russe Tschilbolli
Austrian Magpie Cropper Holle Cropper Russe Tumbler
Austrian White Tail Homing Pigeon Russian Akkermann Tumbler
Horseman Pouter Russian Martini
British Show Racer Hungarian Russian Tumbler
Baja Tumbler Hungarian Beauty Homer Rzhev Startail Tumbler
Baku Boinije Hungarian Buga Pigeon
Barb (pigeon) Hungarian Cropper Szegediner Highflier
Barbarisi Hungarian darkstorked Highflyer Saar Pigeon
Barbet of Liège Hungarian Egri Tumbler Saddle Homer
Baska Tumbler Hungarian Fantail Saint (pigeon)
Basra Dewlap Hungarian Giant Pigeon Saint Gallen Wing Pigeon
Bavarian Cropper Hungarian Giant Pouter Saint Louis Arch Crested Fantail
Bavarian Highflyer Hungarian Highflyer Sarajewo Roller
Beak-Crested Jacobin Hungarian Magpie-Tumbler Satu-Mare Tumbler
Beauty Homer de Lige Hungarian Short-Beak Saxon Breast
Belgian Beauty Homer Huppé Picard Saxon Crescent Pigeon
Belgian Highflyer Hyacinth Saxon Cropper
Belgian Tumbler Saxon Fairy Swallow
Belgian Ringbeater Ice Pigeon Saxon Field Pigeon
Benesov Pigeon Indian Fantail Saxon Monk
Bergamasco pigeon Indian Fantasy (pigeon) Saxon Priest
Bergen Tumbler Indian Gola Saxon Shield
Berlin Long-Faced Tumbler Indian Mondain Saxon Spot
Berlin Medium-Faced Tumbler Indian Pearl Highflier Saxon Stork Pigeon
Berlin Muffed Tumbler Iranian Highflier Saxon Swallow
Berlin Short-Faced Tumbler Iran Roller Saxon White Tail
Bernburg Trumpeter Irish Flying Tumbler[4] Saxon Wing Pigeon
Berne Gugger Italian Owl Scandaroon
Berne Halfbeak Italian Sottobanca Schalaster Pouter
Berne Lark Schmalkalden Moorhead
Berne Peak Crested Jacobin Schmolln Trumpeter
Berne Ribbon Tail Jassy Tumbler Schoeneberg Barred Tumbler
Berne Tigerhead Jerezano Pouter Schumen Tumbler
Berne White Tail Jewel Mondain Seldschuk Pigeon
Bernhardin Magpie Jiennense Cropper Seraphim Pigeon
Bialostocka Krymka Tumbler Serbian Highflyer
Bihac Roller Kaluga Tumbler Shack Kee
Bijeljina Roller Karakand Fantail Shakhsharli
Birmingham Roller Kassel Tumbler Shiraz Tumbler
Blagodar Tumbler Katal Short-Beaked Armavir Tumbler
Blue Sovater Kazan Tumbler Short-Faced Gansel Tumbler
Blue Tumbler of Cluj Kecskemét Tumbler Show Antwerp
Bohemian Bagdad Kelebek Show Homer
Bohemian Cropper Kiev Tumbler Showpen Homer
Bohemian Fairy Swallow King Show Racing Homer
Bohemian Ice Cropper Kiskunfelegyhaza Tumbler Siberian Tumbler
Bohemian Pigeon Koenigsberg Coloured Head Tumbler Silesian Colourhead
Bohemian Steller Cropper Koenigsberg Moorhead Silesian Cropper
Bohemian Tiger Swallow clean legged Koenigsberg Reinaugen Tumbler Silesian Moorhead
Bohemian Trumpeter Komorn Tumbler Silesian Whithead
Bohemian Tumbler Konstanza Tumbler Silky Fantail
Bokhara Trumpeter Koros Tumbler Single Crested Priest
Bokhara Tumbler Kosice Roller Sisak Roller
Borino Kosice Tumbler Slovakian Cropper
Boston Blue Tumbler Kraków Magpie Slovakian Highflyer
Botoșani Tumbler Krasnodar Tumbler Slowenien Whitehead
Bremen Tumbler Smyter
Breslau Tumbler Lucerne Gold Collar Sofia Tumbler
British Show Racer Lacene Sombor
Briver Blackhead Lahore Sottobanca
Brod Tumbler Laudino Sevillano Cropper Sottobanca, French type
Brunner Pouter Lebanon (pigeon) South Batschka Tumbler
Bucharest Ciung Highflier Lenardo South German Blasse
Bucharest Show Tumbler Leuven Pouter South German Breast
Buda Grizzle Budapest Short Face Tumbler Lille Pouter South German Charcoal Lark
Budapest Coloured Lille Tumbler South German Monk
Budapest Highflier Limerick Tumbler South German Moorhead
Budapest Kiebitz Lome Tumbler South German Shield
Budapest Muffed Tumbler Lotan (pigeon) South German Spot
Budapest Shortbeak Lower Bavarian Cropper South German Tigerhead
Budapest stork marked muffed Tumbler Low Silesian Muffed Tumbler South German White Tail
Budapest Whiteflight Highflyer Lucerne Copper Collar Spaniard (pigeon)
Budapest Whiteside Lucerne Elmer Spanish Bagdad
Buga Pigeon Lucerne Gold Collar Spanish Barb
Bukarest black Hanging Flight Tumbler Lucerne Self Spanish Flamenca
Bulgarian Shield Owl Lucerne Shield Spanish Flamenca Runt
Bulgarian White Shield Roller Lucerne Tigerhead Spanish Frillback Bagadette
Bursa Tumbler Lucerne White Tail Spanish Gabacho Runt
Bácka Longbeak Tumbler Lugoj Roller Spanish Little Friar Tumbler
Lusatian Tumbler Spanish Mondain
Canario Cropper Luster Pigeon Spanish Monjin
Carneau Luttich Owl Spanish Naked Neck Pigeon
Carrier Spanish Nun
Catalan Tumbler Modena Spanish Owl
Catalonian Head and Neck Tumbler Macedonian Turbit Spanish Owl Pouter
Catalonian Laced Bordench Mondain Magpie →English Magpie Spanish Pigeon
Central Asiatic Roller Majorcan Bort Runt Spanish Strawberry Eye
 Chinese Tumbler Majorcan Esbart Roller Spanish Thief Pouter
Cakal Roller Makó Highflyer Spangeled Magpie Purzler of Satu-Mare
Cambalhota Português Mallorca Giant Pigeon Speelderke
Cauchois Maltese (pigeon) Srebrniak (Perlovy)
Chinese Flying Pigeon Manotte Stapar Tumbler
Chinese Owl Marchenero Pouter Stargard Shaker
Chinese Tumbler Mariola Starling
Chistopolian High-flying Pigeon Mariolinha Starwitzer Cropper
Chorrera Markish Magpie Tumbler Steinheim Bagdad
Clean Legged Fullhead Swallow Martham (pigeon) Steller Cropper
Clean Legged Spot Swallow Masurian Tumbler Stettin Tumbler
Cluj-Napoca Blue Memel Highflyer Steiger Cropper
Cluj-Napoca Roller Micholaiyvski Shield Tumbler Stork Pigeon de Lodz
Cluj-Napoca Tumbler Miniature American Crested Stralsund Highflyer
Coburg Lark Mittelhause Pigeon Strasser
Colillano Cropper Modena Sverdlovsk blue-gray mottle-headed pigeon
Cologne Tumbler Modern Show Flight Swallow (pigeon)
Craiova chestnutbrown Tumbler Modern Spanish Thief Pouter Swedish Owl
Crescent Monor Tumbler Swedish Tumbler
Crested Picard Montauban Swing Pouter
Crested Soultz Mookee Swiss Crescent
Criador Lusitano Moravian Bagdad Swiss Mondain
Csepel Tumbler Moravian Magpie Cropper Swiss Pouter
Cumulet Moravian Morak Cropper Swiss Self
Czech Bagdad Moravian Strasser Syrian Bagdad
Czech Ice Pouter Moravian White Head Syrian Coop Tumbler
Czech Muffed Tumbler Morillero Cropper Syrian Curled Dewlap
Czech Trumpeter Morrillero Alicantino Pouter Syrian Dewlap
Moroncelo Cropper Syrian Fantail
Dragoon Moscat Syrian Halabi
Damascene Moscovite Tumbler Syrian Sabuni Tumbler
Danish Copper Moscow Black Magpied Syrian Swift
Danish Jacobin Moulter Syrian Turbiteen
Danish Suabian Muffed Helmet Szegedin Highflyer
Danish Tumbler Mulhouse Pigeon Szekesfehervar Tumbler
Danzig Highflyer Munsterland Field Pigeon Szolnok Bagdad
Debrecin Roller Muntenia Whitetail Tumbler Szolnok Tumbler
Denizli Bangosu Modhumoti (pigeon)
Dobrudshan Roller Megcer (pigeon) Taganrog Tumbler
Dolapci Takla Tumbler
Domestic Show Flight Naked Neck Tumbler Taqlaji
Domino Frill New York Danish Flying Tumbler Targovist Tumbler
Donek Nish Highflyer Targovista red Highflyer
Dragoon Nord Caucasian Tumbler Texan Pioneer
Dresden Trumpeter Norwegian Tumbler Thai Fantail
Dutch Beauty Homer Norwich Cropper Thai Laugher
Dutch Cropper Novisad Short-Faced Tumbler Thurgau Crescent
Dutch Curled Cropper Nun Thurgau Elmer
Dutch Helmet Nuremberg Lark Thurgau Monk
Dutch Highflyer Nuremberg Swallow Thurgau Peak Crested
Nis’ White-Tail Highflyer Thurgau Shield
English Trumpeter Thurgau White Tail
East Prussian Tumbler Old Austrian Tumbler Thuringian Breast
Echterding Colour Pigeon Old Dutch Capuchine Thuringian Colour Pigeons
Egyptian Frill Old Dutch Tumbler Thuringian Crescent Pigeon
Egyptian Swift Old Dutch Turbit Thuringian Cropper
Egyptian Tumbler Old Fashioned Oriental Frill Thuringian Goldbeetle
Eichbühl (pigeon) Old German Cropper Thuringian Mauser Pigeon
Eisk Double Crested Tumbler Old German Magpie Tumbler Thuringian Monk
Elbing Whitehead Tumbler Old German Moorhead Thuringian Pouter
Elster Cropper Old German Nun Thuringian Self
Elster Purzler Old German Owl Thuringian Shield Pigeon
English Barb Old German Turbit Thuringian Spot
English Carrier Old Holland Pouter Thuringian Stork Pigeon
English Exhibition Homer Old Oriental Owl Thuringian Swallow
English Fantail Old Style English Flying Saddle Tumbler Thuringian White Bib
English Long-Faced Tumbler Old Vienna Highflyer Thuringian Whitehead
English Magpie Orbetean Romanian rust-coloured Highflyer Thuringian White Tail
English Nun Oriental Frill Thuringian Wing Pigeon
English Owl Oriental Roller Tiger Swallow
English Pouter Orientale Eastslowakian Roller Tippler
English Short-Faced Tumbler Oriental Turbit Timisoara Tumbler
English Show Homer Ostrava Bagdad Tokur
English Show Tippler Ostrowiec Wattle Pigeon Transylvanian Back Crested Tumbler
English Trumpeter Transylvanian Double Crested Tumbler
Erlau Tumbler Pazardchin Roller Transylvanian Tumbler
Escampadissa Tumbler Pakistani Highflyer Travnik Highflyer
Exhibition Flying Tippler Pappatacci Trenton
Exhibition Homer Parlor Roller Triganino Modena
Parlor Tumbler Pigeons Tula Ribbon Tail Tumbler
Fantail Persian Highflyer Tunesian Owl
Fat Shan Blue Persian Roller Tung Koon Paak
Felégyhaza Tumbler Piacentino Turbit
Field Pigeon Piestanau Giant Pigeon Turbiteen
Field Pigeon, clean legged Pigmy Mariola
Fish Eye Roller Pigmy Pouter Ural striped maned pigeon
Flanders Smerle Pinta Tumbler Usbekian Tumbler
Florentine Polish Bagdad
Flying Oriental Roller Polish Barb Vienna Highflier
Flying Performing Roller Polish Beauty Homer Valencian Cropper, Dutch type
Flying Saddle Homer Polish Crest Tumbler Valencian Figurita
Flying Tippler Polish Eagle Valencian Giant Tenant Pigeon
Fork-Tailed Polish Gansel Tumbler Valencian Homer
Franconian Bagdad Polish Griwuni Tumbler Valencian Magany Homer
Franconian Field Pigeon Polish Helmet Valencian Peter Runt
Franconian Magpie Polish Highflyer Varna Tumbler
Franconian Toy Self Polish Kronen Tumbler Veleño Pouter
Franconian Trumpeter Polish Krymka Tumbler Vienna (pigeon)
Franconian Velvet Shield Polish Long-Faced Tumbler Vienna Highflyer
French Bagdad Polish Lynx Vienna Muffed Tumbler
French Highflyer Polish Masciuch Tumbler Vienna Röserlscheck
French Krymka Tumbler Polish Orlik Viennese Gansel Tumbler
French Mondain Polish Owl Viennese Long-Faced Tumbler
French Owl Polish Shield Highflyer Viennese Short-Faced Tumbler
French Pouter Polish Shortbeak Tumbler Viennese Whiteside Tumbler
French Sottobanca Polish Short-Beaked Magpie Tumbler Vogtland Whitehead Trumpeter
French Tumbler Polish Wattle Pigeon Volga Tumbler
Frillback Polish Wilna Eagle Voorburg Shield Cropper
Pomeranian Cropper Vrschatschka Tumbler
Galaţi Roller Pigeon-Cock Pomeranian Show Crest Highflyer
Gaditano Pouter Portuguese Breeder Waldviertel Cropper
Galatz Roller Portuguese Tumbler Warsaw Butterfly Tumbler
Garden Fantail Posen Coloured Head Tumbler West of England Tumbler
Gascogne Pigeon Poster Wiggetal Colour Tail
Gelderland Slenke Prachen Kanik Wolverhampton Badge Tumbler
Genuine Homer Prague Short-Faced Tumbler Wolverhampton Magpie Tumbler
Georgian yellow tailed Prague Medium Face Tumbler Wurttemberg Moorhead
Georgian black tailed Ptarmigan White Racing Doves
Georgian sizaghrani
Georgian white tailed Quet Roller Zagreb Tumbler
Georgian Kuduli [1] Zitterhall
German Barb Racing Homer Zurich White Tail
German Beak Crested Trumpeter Rafeno Cropper
German Beauty Homer Rakovnik Roller
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