Small Dog Breeds

Small dogs have lot of similarity with people. Just as people will have unique personality, small dogs will have different unique personalities too. Their popularity has grown over the recent period which has been attributed to their endearing and interesting character. They are also adorable and make good families buddies.  Most small dog breeds have an inch level of between 12-15 inches at the shoulder and a weight of between 10-20 pounds. The notion of good things coming in small packages is not an exception with small dog breeds. . You need to learn more about small dogs so as to make perfect buddies with them. I am 100{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe} sure what is best for me will be different from another person but the best small dog breed will be based on one’s personal choice and preference.

Small dog breeds may perfect buddy for your kids or family
Lot of factors has to be put into consideration before you buy or adopt a small dog. Before banking on a particular small dog type, you need to conduct an online search. View the different Small dog breeds, their advantage and disadvantages. Take a calculated bet and decide if the small dog breed will be a perfect buddy for your kids or family.

Some small dog breed will require lot of investment to keep them attractive
To choose a small dog breed, you need to analyze the maintenance cost of the small dog. Let the maintenance cost be within your budget. Some small dog breed will require lot of investment to keep them attractive. Mostly, they require trimming and haircuts among many other type of maintenance. Food and medical maintenance cost should be put into consideration before purchasing the small dog breed.

Level of activity of small dog breeds
Some small dog breeds have a higher rate of activity than others. With different rate of activities, you need to consider a small dog type that marries with your activity requirement. Choose a small dog type that has a consistent rate of activity irrespective of an increase in age. Previous small dog statistics will be of great help in accomplishing the previous mission. You can check on the way the dog couches potatoes and snuggles in bed. Through inspection you check if the dog is ever busy or if it constantly lies for the better part of the day. To ascertain the level of a particular small dog breed activity, request for a free dog walk.

Small dog breeds supplies
For small dog owners, they will agree to the fact that the “little buddies” supplies should never be under estimated. He/she is a now a member of your family and it will be of great importance if you can provide excellent health care and greater food supplies. Conduct a research to determine a particular type of supply for your small dog breed.

For travel supplies, choose awesome dog collars, leashes and harness that will marry with your clothing and car seats. Choose tea cups dog clothing that matches with a particular occasion. You can conduct an online search and land on a better teacups clothing supplies. Make sure you supply your dog with shampoos, water drier and perfect towel make him handsome and her cute.

For food supplies, choose the right food supply for your small dog category. You can try different food types and determine which your dog’s favorite is. Dry food supplies will be awesome for your small dog breeds but wet food can be used as a supplement. Try out burns or origin dry food supplies. You can conduct an online search for smaller dog food supplies.

Small dog breed scare
To take good care of your small breeds, you need to establish rules for your small dogs and be consistent with them. Small dog breeds should never be physically abused. Avoid the use of derogative terms. Give your dog time to learn especially English language since it isn’t the dog’s first language. Ensure your dog gets excellent veterinary care. Most small dogs take advantage of weak owners and assume overall control of the house. The small size and pleasant look shouldn’t fool you

Small dog breeds for kids
Small dog breeds for kids should form good companions with kids. Training and reinforcement shapes most small breeds dog behavior and make them perfect buddies with kids. Not all small dog breeds can habit same spot with kids. Some small dog characteristics make them awesome buddies with kids. Small dogs for kids should be patient, calm and have lower degree of temperaments. Examples of breeds that make perfect companion with kids are the Australian terrier, Boston terrier among many other categories.

Small dog breeds advantages
They are awesome when living in apartments and require a low level of exercise which can be availed in apartments. They require a low level care and maintenance in form of veterinary services, neutering and spaying. One can easily travel with small dogs. They can easily fit in cabins and they get invitation cards in hotels and motels. They are cute and adorable and their sympathetic looks make them accepted in many areas.

Small breed dog potty training
Always set your small dogs for success. Restrict the dog to a particular area so that you can monitor the small dog success. Setting up a baby gate or an X gate in a given room will be a good idea. While in the small setting, monitor the dog behavior and identify some perfect signs. Reinforce on the dog signs in an excellent manner. While potty training, always establish a routine, praise and reinforce a dog good behavior. You should not use belly bands and panties in the provision of potty break.

Small dog breeds disadvantages
 They require more personal attention. Small dogs react more than their body size and at sometimes they can cause battles with larger dogs. Small dog breeds over barking nature possess a great challenge and it begs for more personal attention.Most small dogs face Down syndrome and they may end up biting family members. They also have an expensive food supply.


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