Dog Supplies

When you decide to get a dog or already got one, there are some essential dog supplies that dogs need and you have to get them as soon as possible. The Most essentials Dog  supplies are Food, Food & Water bowl, Dog collar, Leash, Shelter for living outside etc

Food is the most Essentials Supplies for dog
Choosing the right food for your dog is probably the most important thing to do. It depends on the age of the dog, if the food should be for puppies, juniors, adults or seniors. Also, it depends on your dog’s nutritional needs and on the energy needs. The best thing to do is do some research on what kind food is the best for your dog and ask the veterinarian for some suggestions. Never go and buy just any food straight out of the supermarkets, before doing some research on what exactly your dog needs. Another thing that you should choose for your dog is which form of food to give your dog. There is dry food, wet food, semi-moist food, frozen and freeze-dried foods and also raw food.
Dry Foods; Dry foods have the least moisture content. They can be in the form of pellets or kibbles, flakes and biscuits. They contain meat and other products like vegetables, fruit and grain. You should always check the package for the nutritional values of the contents in food.
Wet Foods; Wet foods have high moisture content. This are the foods that are cooked at high temperatures to be sterilized and then they are sealed under pressure (most of the time). They can be packed in cans, pouches and foil trails. They contain chunks in gravy or in jelly and in meatloaf form.
Semi-Moist Foods; Semi-moist foods are in the form of soft pellets and they are chewy. Most of the time Semi-moist foods are packed in sachets. Well and healthy treats for dogs are in this form of food.
Frozen and Freeze-Dried Foods; These foods are made from raw products and then frozen.

Complete and complementary Foods
Complete foods are the ones that are nutritionally complete. They provide all the nutrients in the right amount and quantity that your dog needs. These foods are used for daily feeding and do not need any additional products. Complementary foods are those, which are part of the diet and you cannot rely on those to satisfy your dog’s nutritional needs. Most of the time they are treats, like biscuits are used for training. It’s better to keep Complete and complementary foods as a part of dog supplies. For you dog healthy safety, you should read the label on every package; when, how and the amounts of food to give your dogs as complementary foods.

Food and Water Bowls are very important to feed your dog proper and hygienic way
When you already have chosen the food for your dog, you should find something to put it in! There are few kinds of bowls for food and water. Plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, elevated, automatic and travel kind of bowls. You can buy those bowls from local store or from online like dog bowls in amazon website . There are pros and cons to all the kinds, so you should decide what is best for your dog and your lifestyle.

Plastic bowls can be in all sizes, shapes and colors but because they are made of plastic so those are chewable. Also, they can be scratched and bacteria can build up on them. However, plastic bowls are the cheapest, dishwasher-safe and probably not breakable if dropped.

Ceramic bowls are easy to clean, because they have protective glaze and they are dishwasher-safe. Also, they can be nicely decorated, even handmade by artists. However, they can crack and be unsafe for your dog and they are easily breakable. These bowls too can harbor bacteria in the cracks and need to be washed regularly.

Stainless steel bowls are the most durable ones. They are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. However, they do not come in different shapes and colors or designs. Nonetheless, they are practical and inexpensive

Elevated dog bowls are usually ceramic or stainless steel bowls put in a stand. The stand can be made from various material, plastic, metals, wood. These kinds of bowls can be better for taller dogs. Sometimes, they even have a compartment for storing food. However, they are more expensive.

Automatic bowls are bowls that are attached to a reservoir or container. They are made this way in order to keep your dog’s bowl full with water or food. They are more recommended to be used for water, because free feeding is not good for most of the dogs. Some automatic bowls can be even programmed to give your dog food at certain time. However, if your dog is always hungry, this is not the ideal bowl for it, because it will be destroyed.

Travel bowls are a great invention for your dog when taking longer trips. They can be made out of plastic, polyester, nylon or similar materials. The good thing is that they can be folded or collapsed to a smaller size, in order to be portable. This product is worth the price.

Dog Collars

Dog Leashes

Dog Harnesses

Collars, Leashes & Harnesses is very common dog supplies
When choosing the right collar, harness and leash, you should have few things on mind. You should consider the size of your dog; the purpose of the collar (training, walking). The material of which it should be made (leather, cotton, polyester, metal) and of course the design you like. There are simple leashes and collars for dogs that are used to walking and do not cause problem. There is the slip collar, which should be used for dogs that are not used to walking and like to chase cats or squirrels. With this collar it is easier to control your dog. Harnesses are good for dogs that pull while taking a walk. However, you should not use this one for long hair dogs because it is easily matted. Also before you buy any collar, harness or leash please read all the review about your chosen products. In Amazon website you can find reviews below products description.

Shelter is one of the very important dog supplies to comfort your dogs
There are a lot of dogs that are kept outdoors. In order for your dog to be happy even living outside, you should make some kind of shelter. This is important during the winter, so your dog would stay warm. Also, it is important for the summer too, so that your dog will have a place to cool off in the shadow. The shelters are mostly made out of wood. You should consider putting insulation, so your dog will be warm in the winter. Another thing to consider is the size of the shelter; it should be according to the size of your dog. So, after choosing the right materials and made a plan on how to build your dog’s shelter, you should start with building!

Cheers and be friendly with your pets. Love them and let them feel, you are the one, who is your pets true family.

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