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Pigeon is the most popular bird all over the world. They carried the wonderful colors and breeds. They love to live near to human as a lovely pet too. In ancient times pigeons have been appointed in letter exchange from one king to another.  Pigeons have been used as a representative of peace.

Most of all if you are a pigeon lover and you want to keep them as your pet so you don’t need to think for any additional or excess costs. Pigeons are easily tamed.  You can keep them in any corner of the house or premises or as small or low roof cornice. Even you can keep your birds and observe inside a case or hanging baskets.

If you want to make a pigeon farm for earning money then a bigger opportunity is waiting for you. With a very small amount of investment you can start pigeon farming. Many people gain their success within a little period of time by taking pigeon farming as their business.

Pigeons are usually living as a couple. Every month each adult pair of male and female pigeon laid their eggs and hatching it. Each time female bird laid two eggs and both pigeons taking their duties carefully to hatch the eggs.  Pigeons become adult when their age around 6 months.

My Race Winner Pigeon
My Race Winner Pigeon

I have different types of fancy pigeon breed, they are most wonderful and colorful birds.  I am getting multiple benefits from rearing homing pigeons but I am facing some difficulty too. Let’s talk first the benefits I got to having different types of pigeons.

  1. Generally a good breed pigeon couple providing 12 pairs of egg every year. They carefully hatch every single egg so you can get 12 pairs of new pigeon couples of pigeons every year. Every new chick bird is ready for sale or eats within four weeks.
  2. Pigeons are easily tamed and you can raise them as a pet bird.
  3. Raising pigeons need very small place. In hanging basket, case or trunk pigeons can be observed.
  4. If pigeons live case free, they arrange their own food. You don’t need to spend money for that.
  5. Pigeon’s meat is much more healthy and delicious than any other meat.
  6. Pigeon egg hatched within 18 days.
  7. Baby Pigeons become adult in 6 months and then they are ready for make new generations.
  8. Pigeon meat very tasty and healthy that’s why it has a good demand.

Within a year you can get few new pairs pigeons from one pair pigeon.  You can choose pigeon farming as a profitable business. The pigeons do not cost much to observe. Even their disease is very lower than other pet birds.

As I mentioned before to raising pigeons I am facing some difficulties’ too. Pigeons has some diseases too but don’t need to worry because in good treatment its get over within a short period of time. Cat and other meat eating animals are hunting pigeons so extra care may require keeping safe your pigeons.

My Pigeon Farm
My Pigeon Farm

According to history, from ancient times, many people have been keeping pigeons as their pet bird. In ancient time people sacrificing and immolating pigeons to make God’s happy. Also they were using pigeons as messenger. A dove was widely used for recreational and delicious meat.

Now a day’s feeding pigeons is not only limited to as a hobby or entertainment, instead it is now regarded as a profitable business.  Rearing pigeons is increasing the beauty of your house. Their existence makes a happy environment for us. Because of those benefits many people are now keeping pigeons for entertain their life as a hobby and also commercially that’s why pigeons compliance a proper management.

To keep safe, healthy and free from disease pigeons need a good pigeon house and environment for live. You may give extra attention the described topics below:

  1. Selecting a place for pigeon farms require high and dry flat land.
  2. The height of the pigeon house should be out of reach from hunting animals like, cats, dogs , fox etc.
  3. For each pair of pigeons need a room. It has to be wide enough that they can live in side comfortably and laid their eggs and hatch it.
  4. Health facilities must be built in such a way that the pigeon house or panels insects, worms, germs of disturbance are low and is easy to clean and disinfect.
  5. Vitamin D is very good for baby birds that’s why you have to make pigeon room in a way that sun light can come inside. Also sun light helps to sterilize the environment.
  6. Adequate ventilation of dove house keeps environment healthy. Because of the absence of wind a bird’s become unhealthy.

Pigeon mix food

Healthy Pigeon Feed
Healthy Pigeon Feed

Pigeon’s feed management is very important. The feed has to be a good mix of Starch, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins etc.  Pigeons eats this much food that is necessary for his body. An adult pigeon eats 30-50 gram food per day. Pigeons mostly likes to eat, wheat, pea, maize, mustard, barley, rice, rice, pulse etc grains. Plenty of fresh water is very essential for pigeon’s

Food ingredients Amount ({6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe})
Maize 35
Pea 20
Wheat 30
Mussel powder / lime powder 07
Vitamin / amino acid premix 07
Salt 01
Total 100{6be2db3b88870d4886eebf8b9afca4bb83e0a042bc3cf1b41260af04e7c2bfbe}

Amino acid; Different types of protein, amino acids, which are essential for the formation of the body. Some essential amino acids, amino acids are not synthesized in the body of the bird.  Amino acid-rich foods (dried fish powder, mustard, and sesame and groundnut oil cake) can be provided.

The name of the essential amino acids Daily Needs
Mathionina 0.09 g
Lysine 0.18 g
Valine 0.06 g
Listening 0.09 g
Aiso-liusina 0.055 g
Phenyl ayalanina 0.09 g
Tryptophan 0.02
Petition, Hisatidina, Phrionina
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